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Are you ready to take the next step or are you feeling like you’re on the edge of a cliff?
  • What is the best way to take your business to the next level growth?
  • How can I get more revenue and profitable customers without disrupting my current business?
  • Where can I find alternative funding for capital expenditures or strategic projects investment?
  • How can I increase the productivity of my employees?
  • What must I do to improve capacity management?
  • What should I do first to generate more profits?
  • What are Government Grants are available to my business?


TRIAVICA understands business and our expertise includes the technology, engineering, manufacturing and professional services industries.  We know what is needed to make innovation a reality and not a pipe dream. As your trusted business advisor you gain access to expertise based on some of the best including XEROX, PHILIPS ELECTRONICS, ORACLE, SMITHS and IMAX Corporation.


We’ve been a part of the launch of many leading edge technologies for decades, working on developing and commercializing globally known Canadian innovations. Our senior partners has held executive roles in research and development, innovation, operations, marketing and sales.  Today, they bring those experiences to you. 

Triavica knows business.




Before TRIAVICA can accurately advise Chief Executives how to increase revenues, reduce costs and improve productivity, we employ a five step engagement process of iterative and interactive sessions combined with the use of a number of proven instruments and methodologies to measure the orientation of the organization - our 360 degree evaluation identifies risks and opportunities available to the company and the outcome is a comprehensive report that becomes the GPS for the Company's leadership team. That 360 degree assessment is then extended to include your ecosystem so you obtain a 720 degree view of your business and all the stakeholders. 

Often our clients are surprised about the depth and breadth of Triavica capabilities.  As Accredited Associates of the Institute for Independent Business ( London, U.K, operating in 140+ countries our portfolio of subject matter experts and global contacts is a sought after asset available to our clients. Whether you need access to key government agencies, academic resources and/or global distribution channels, we are the experts who can coordinate these with you.


Why TRIAVICA? - We bring a balance of vision and realistic goals into perspective. 


We’ve worked for some of the brightest, most innovative and progressive companies, both large corporations and small businesses.  We’ve seen the evolution, revolution and challenges of some great brands.  We understand the economics of business and the need for continuous innovation in every nook and cranny. We’ve been installed to run companies on the behalf of private investors and make our board of director services available to you at nominal fees.


We will help you find the unrealized potential and provide the right foundation for transforming your company’s vision into attainable goals.


Are you ready? Then contact us now.

We will make it happen.