Below are the five steps we use as part of our engagement program.  Upon the completion of the free assessment, and agreement to proceed, the Triavica executive will work hand in hand with your executive management to assist in the transformation of your business vision into attainable goals.


| Assessment To maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your team, Triavica will use a combination of online survey questions, meet with some of your staff for one to one interviews, and if applicable, conduct calls with your customers and prospects.  Our assessment with review the current state of affairs in all matters that have been identified in the vision to goals review. 

| Strategy TRIAVICA can help you create andplan a business strategy to navigate the intense competition of today’s market and discover the unique and exclusive concepts in the industries that are best suited to your business and help you tack your course to reach the desired vision and goals.  We use an iterative approach to assist a Chief Executive in the transformation of their organization  with a sense of urgency, efficiency and with measurable outcomes gor go-no-go decisions to be made (Staged-Gated process) to set the course of actions necessary to achieve marked business improvements and revenue success.

Innovation - In today's market, new technologies are invented every second, your business must constantly be innovative at every opportunity.  From selecting new employees to adding digital technologies to developing your products/services.  Innovation is the lubricant that ensures continuous value of your brand, customer's and new buyer's appeal. In the new economy, you can no longer rely on the past success; your business needs to be sparked with new thought leadership, acute awareness of today's market dynamics and a fresh infusion of human ingenuity that is focused on not catching the next wave but, to be the wave itself.

- TRIAVICA programs will use an efficient combination of online, onsite and on-call resources that will operate seamlessly and avoid any major interference to your company’s day-to-day activities. The interactions could be as simple as a phone call, as moderate as completing a survey online or as interactive as a new product/service development and introduction.


| Optimization With extensive experience in Continuous Business Improvement, TRIAVICA will analyse the organization as a whole and all desired/undesired business factors to find opportunities to minimize/alleviate constraints and create an organization for the Executive Team to look for alternatives to maximize performance.


The process is our proprietary collaboration platform for both the online surveys and in-person interviews.  The entire project, resources, workflows, approvals, check-ins and check-outs, scheduling, and all documentation associated with the program assets are all made available for your review through a secure portal.