The Vision2Goals Assessment (V2G) is a 10-minute free confidential on-line assessment of the current state of being of the business; it identifies what high level challenges are currently faced and reveals it’s potential.




Vision2Goals Results


The results of the V2G are tabulated and reviewed by TRIAVICA experts to prepare for a one to one meeting with the Chief Executive as part of the initial no-obligation session to confirm our understanding of your business information. We will then share high level observations and thoughts for you to consider if you desire to Transform Your Vision into Attainable Goals.


The interview also enables the Chief Executive to become better acquainted with TRIAVICA and its competencies and gain new insight into the potential adjustments available to advance the company forward. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, TRIAVICA and the business owner will have the opportunity to discuss the goals that can be realized using our team of experts. Upon agreement, the next step would be to identify three top priorities and a preparation conduct a comprehensive Performance Assessment analysis with the Chief Executive’s leadership team covering the following areas:


Business Framework

Product Portfolio

Organizational Readiness