Change Management - Rhythm of Change
In this article, MBA professors Quy Nguyen-Huy and Henry Mintzberg talked about three different types of organizational changes and why changes are necessary.
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White Paper - Key Reasons Why Businesses Fail
Understanding why small businesses fail (or are successful) is crucial to the stability and health of the U.S. economy.
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White Paper - Marketing for Small Businesses
A Marketing Guide for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.
White Paper - Marketing for Small Busine[...]
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Article - A Lesson in Innovation
The Segway PT, a 2-wheeled/self-balancing electric vehicle, was launched in 2001, yet it has failed to gain market acceptance. Paul Sloane takes a look at what lessons to be learned from the failure.
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Improving Manufacturing Productivity
This article discusses various steps a company can take to measure productivity and plan the operational improvement approach.
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Managing Quality
Bases for business competition no longer just focus on cost, but on other key success factors such as quality, flexibility, delivery, service and innovation. Firms with good quality can command a high
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Article - Ten Tips for Successful Innovation Teams
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Interview with Seth Godin

Click on the following to hear Seth Godin talk about his leadership philosophies.

Focus Experts' Briefing on Human Resources
Is HR a cost center or strategic contributor? Read experts' opinion in this article.
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Product Innovation for Success
In April 2011, Google CEO Larry Page shocks industry observers by bidding $900 million for the intellectual treasures of fallen giant Nortel. This article shows how Nortel incubated product innovation
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White Paper - Funding your Business
This paper discusses the various types of funding available to businesses.
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