TRIAVICA's services focus on business transformation in the areas of 



“Vision2Goals”Free Assessment:  This is a 10-minute Free confidential assessment of the business’s current state of being, it identifies what high level challenges are currently being faced and provides insights for the potential of the business.  This Business Check is reserved exclusively for the Chief Executive who is asked to complete a confidential online questionnaire. Upon completion, the TRIAVICA team is informed and reviews the results in advance of scheduling a private and confidential meeting with a TRIAVICA founding partner. 


In-Depth Executive Team Assessment: A comprehensive assessment program involving the Senior Executive Team to identify business gaps, set new objectives and lay the foundation for a sustainable transformation of the business priorities. Anchored by a series of workshop sessions with all stakeholders, the results are reviewed by the entire team, priorities agreed to and the best course of action defined by the collective team to maximize productivity, resource utilization and attain the goals in a manner that can be digested by the organization.  A formal Strategy Map and Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) goals are established as a framework for achieving the desired outcomes with continual maintenance to ensure success and optimal value is created as a result of the program investment.


Consulting Projects:  Available on a fixed fee basis, subject matter expertise is available to assist Chief Executives in all facets of building, operating and promoting your business.  These may include the creation of a new Business Plan, a new Strategic Marketing Plan for expansion into new markets, an alternate channel strategy, create new operational processes or deliver a new product development project.


Coaching and Training:  To mentor a manager into a new role, TRIAVICA will conduct training for a specific process such as new sales tactics, new business processes or new product development practices.


Board & Director Level Counsel: TRIAVICA Partners are available to assist in the strategic and governance planning, steering committee, establishment of appropriate policies or review of project execution to ensure the accomplishment of business objectives.


Advisory Services: Do you need help on a specific problem?  Our subscription based advisory services are available on call to help business owners work on strategic and/or business planning initiatives project reviews, problem or market investigation or coaching the negotiations with a new customer or contract agreement.


Interim Management and Project Management:  To oversee the implementation of a project using current staff and resources, TRIAVICA can supply specialized and experienced management staff to oversee a functional department until the permanent replacement is recruited.



Before TRIAVICA can advise Chief Executives how to increase revenues, reduce costs and improve productivity, we employ a four step engagement process of iterative and interactive sessions combined with the use of a number of proven instruments and methodologies to measure the orientation of the organization - our 360 degree evaluation identifies risks and opportunities available to the company and the outcome is a comprehensive report that becomes the GPS for the Company's leadership team.


The fee structure for Triavica services is based on the scope of resources necessary at each stage of a program or project.  There are three fee structures available.


On-Demand Monthly Subscription - For a minimum monthly subscription, Triavica executives are available on demand* on a daily, weekly or monthly retainer of direct or over-the-phone coaching and mentoring.  This highly successful program offers executive grade resources to assist in the identification, development, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of a new initiative, critical requirement, human resource issues, financial or presentation preparation, customer acquisition negotiations, sounding board and more.


Subscription fees start at $500.00 per month. This includes a preliminary assessment, followed by a defined "SMART" based execution path, that is rounded out with weekly coaching sessions.


Program + Project Services - Following our initial review of a required service, a statement of work identifies the scope of services required, key resources and subject matter expertise required as well as project/management oversight. 


Annual Retainers -The majority of our clients prefer to retain our services on a prescribed annual budget.  This model aligns well to most projects and programs that both require ad-hoc meetings, emergency telephone contact and scheduled meetings.  This all inclusive service includes on-site at location or your customer site meetings.



Our team of experts are available to work hand in hand with your executive management to assist in the transformation of your business vision into attainable goals.