In-Depth Analysis. A World of Insights Revealed

The Performance Assessment program is a combination online questionnaire and onsite workshop process with the objective of identifying primary risks and opportunities available to the business. With the support and involvement of the Chief Executive, the executive team must complete the online questionnaire that requires up to 45 minutes to complete. Once the results are tabulated the team participates in a series of iterative and interactive workshop sessions.


The Performance Assessment report is tabulated and first shared with the Chief Executive prior to being communicated to the executive team. The team is then engaged in two-day formal workshop sessions where the transformation process begins. The outcomes of the Workshops identify the priorities, timelines, roles and responsibilities and desired outcomes. The optimal execution path is then determined based on the sense of urgency, available and required resources and near term deliverables anticipated.


This comprehensive evaluation is conducted with stakeholders and key personnel to identify the forces within and without that are impacting the business. The results will reveal compelling factors that the organization is facing and a gap analysis is performed to determine where the company is currently versus the primary goals. An action plan and schedule is developed with the team to establish engagement, trust and ownership.



Implementation Model: Triavica Partners and our Associates, work alongside each of your executive team members, helping them balance their priorities focusing on top high value changes needed to improve outcomes. The continual feedback, nurturance and practical advice grounds employees to the business realities of the day and often reveal latent opportunities not considered.