Every Chief Executive must focus on the six imperatives at all times and keep them in balance.  Each one has its sets of goals that need to be managed, harmonized and integrated to achieve the results to all stakeholders.  What will result in better performance, structured innovation and predictable outcomes. 


Each of the six imperatives must be interlocked and interfaced so that all the energy and effort expended leverages each element to create synergy that is measurable, sustainable and complete. 


If one or more dynamics are not functioning in harmony, the results will be less than anticipated. 


If they are systematically fused together, the company is unstoppable.

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STRATEGY: we will ask you to revisit your “Vision” today and whether it should change tomorrow. We will help you identify the key strategic imperatives necessary to realize that vision and what changes are required to transform that vision into reality… quickly.

MARKETING and SALES: we will review your Number One Customer Beliefs and determine the best course of action to identify, develop, engage, nurture, embrace and acquire the right demographic markets to pursue and the programs required to achieve results.

PRODUCTIVITY: we will review the current inputs, throughputs and outputs of the business in areas of people, process, technology and information.  Our deep competencies in process improvement, automation and performance methodologies will be employed to create evidence of change and improvement.

PROFIT: Profits are the lifeblood of your company and without that "blood" you cannot live let alone survive.  We will review the productivity and performance gaps, identify leakage from poor controls and assumed thinking and ask the hard questions that will reveal what is really going on inside and outside of the business.

PEOPLE: we will meet with your employees, listen to their ideas, frustrations and beliefs. We will assess their competencies, behaviours, intellect and skills to determine what improvements can be realized in a manner that is non-intrusive to the business, enhances their “Culture” and enables them to be better stewards and custodians of their job expectations.

GROWTH: By engaging TRIAVICA, the outcome will be a better, more integrated and prosperous company.  Better quality and delighted clients.  Peace of mind, satisfaction and renewed confidence.  And as our slogan states..  



We will have transformed your vision into attainable results.