Growth means different things for every business owner - What does growth mean to you?




Sales? Assets? Profits? Equity?

How is growth measured?

How is it achieved?

Why grow?

Is the company ready for growth?


Some answers:

  • There may be more sales orders.
  • There may be a market demand for more product lines.
  • The company needs diversification to protect itself against economic downturn or product/market obsolescence.


All the questions have different answers for each corporation. Once profits are defined and achieved, growth will follow.




We will help our clients to:

  • Plan for capacity revisions and/or increase talent, tools, facilities, processes and training.
  • Prepare the management team for change
  • Apply for new funding
  • Provide new marketing research, opportunity identification and new marketing and sales strategies.


A manufacturing enterprise will increase labour using the same machinery and be able to nearly double its profits as long as Sales follow suit. Human Resources will have to perform extraordinarily to provide the additional manpower.


In another enterprise, Marketing could determine a threat if growth is not accomplished in a certain sector of the market. Marketing will increase its communication to prospects (existing clients or new) and have sales follow the strategies. Manufacturing would have to contribute its own share of productivity.


By concentrating efforts on the entrepreneur's vision and having all team members reach attainable goals, the company is transformed and healthy.