Marketing + Sales = Revenue Performance and it requires digital approaches

The measure of growth & prosperity


How do you create growth and prosperity for your business?  What is the optimal marketing and sales strategy you should employ?  What are the right tactics?  How can you demonstrate marketing ROI?  How can you get the teams synchronized and working in collaboration?  Chances are you will be seeing some of TRIAVICA's tactics that have brought you to this website.  But can having a "website", a great brochure and a mature sales team be efficient to promote and generate new customers?  

Tomorrow's entrepreneur must revisit their entire portfolio of sales and marketing and reflect on the saying:

“what got you here… won’t necessarily get you there!”

Maybe you are at the end of the runway of ideas, you’ve loved your most valued customers and now you’re not sure where to concentrate on the next area growth.


  • Should you concentrate on performance improvement of your sales teams?
  • Should you invest in a marketing strategy that involves proceeding with the new social media?
  • Can you be assured of the results? 


Understanding that Selling, General & Administration (SG&A) expenses are the single most significant variable cost to the business, most consider these as a standard fixed cost of doing business.  But what if you could achieve more measurable, predictable and controlled results with better outcomes?


TRIAVICA’s Response


The Triavica Founding Partners  have been employed by leadership companies who constantly tweak their messaging, their brand presence and then to develop renewed market strategies in a constant battle to improve the balance of integrated sales & marketing. Dependent on the outcome of our assessment, we will introduce new approaches and concepts by integrating your sales and marketing efforts into a cohesive symbiotic team focused on one common singular objective.


We transform the Vision into achievable goals, leverage the advancements in business intelligence, marketing automation and sales performance. This is all anchored by a carefully constructed insight required to ensure that each and every dollar invested, delivers predictable and compelling results.