In Business Today - Your success is governed by the people of your company

Why not turn over a new leaf in the new year?

Your people are like the leaves on a tree; some of them bud in the beginning of their life with your company and live on, some endure the challenges of the seasons of change and others, simply fall to the ground or fly away.  All too often, as Chief executives, we must call up our best leaves to stand strong and endure the harsh economic challenges we face.  At other times, we must find new leaves to replace or re-grow those that have fallen.   But how can you know if you have the very best people in your company?


Are you hiring, retaining and developing the best?  Recruiting the best talent, motivating and developing each one can be your greatest asset in order to achieve growth and success.  In fact, the cost of employee turnover has been estimated from 2 to 5 times salary & benefits as well as lost opportunities and service integrity. This turnover impacts directly the productivity and expenses and directly affects an organization’s Profit.


How do you know you have the best leaves on the tree?  Tough question?  Not really.  Today’s science can provide you with a very accurate understanding of a candidate or employee’s behaviour, motivation, intellect, ethics, integrity and skills, all for a fraction of the turnover cost.





One of our founding Partners was first exposed to the value of assessments when he was being interviewed before joining Xerox back in the late 70’s.  Back then, Xerox was known to be world leader in identifying, acquiring and motivating the best talent.  And since then, most major companies use a number of talent approaches to recruit, retain and re-skill their best employees.


Performance –

  • What if you could increase the quality of your “middle of the road” employees by 5%? Maybe 10%? 
  • What would that be worth to the company in terms of quality, revenue and productivity? 
  • People are core to your business, but how do you know which ones are the best? 
  • Which ones should be promoted? 
  • Which ones should you stop investing in?


TRIAVICA possesses expertise in the field of talent management and performance.  Guided by world class principles and technology used by the very best, we can show how our system would give your company a marked differentiator and business advantage! . Don’t believe us? Let us show how it is done!  Backed by the foremost experts in talent skilling, we can provide you with a no obligation assessment.


Whether you are a major global franchisor with thousands of locations and a high turnover of hourly employees or a staff of 25, we can implement systems designed by the best in the Human Resource Evaluation industry.


Do you have two candidates to chose from and not sure if you are going to make the right choice?  We’ll provide you with the instrument to make that decision with confidence.  Don’t believe us? Would you like to know how the major sports franchises make their draft choices? TRIAVICA does!


  • Do you need to transform your sales team to move from selling “boxes” to selling “solutions”? 
  • Did you know that there are more than a dozen different sales profiles, each with their own subtle difference and if you chose the wrong candidate, you could end up having to replace them very soon?
  • What if you could minimize that risk? 
  • What if you could make a better prediction? 


We can and will be there for you.


None of your staff is just a single leaf on a tree. They are a living, breathing person and if you treat them with respect, they will grow, flourish and be appreciated by you, your employees and your customers.   After all, we are all in the people business.