Profits are the water that nurtures the soil of your business

What if you could harness an idea?

Gross and Net Operating Profits. All have their own meaning and importance. They measure the health and fitness of sales, procurement, cost controls, taxation and show the way to improvements in all aspects of business. It is also the easiest way to build capital and value, which eases pressure on cash flow and borrowing.


What are some of the new forms of profit initiatives that I can pursue?


Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly conscious of social profit as well, or how their corporation is perceived in this flat world. With more pressure to be environmentally friendly, this may require sacrificing economic profit to gain a public perception of social advantages over competitors. More and more companies are realizing that sustainability and new approaches to old behaviours can translate directly to the bottom line. But where should we look?


The profit motive has to be expressed as clear as crystal in all the planning exercises. EACH and EVERY department has to put its imprint on contribution to the value of the company. Without this overall objective of reaching goals, the Vision of the owner or of the enterprise will never be achieved.


TRIAVICA’s Response


TRIAVICA takes a holistic view of profit initiatives and encourages our client to modify the Culture of the organization so that its purpose, intent and goal is to be a responsible organization whose mission is to deliver sustainable outcomes to all its stakeholders. This requires new thinking and giving employees the opportunity to contribute their ideas and concepts. When was the last time you asked your employees input on THIS subject?


In most organizations, there is a great reluctance on the part of the core employees, partners and customers to inject new thinking and new approaches. The notion of “that’s the way we have always done it” must be removed from the vocabulary and replaced with.. “If this was your first day on the job, what would you do differently? Using your present experience, observations and involvement, what changes could be made to save costs and increase PROFIT?”


It starts with new questions and TRIAVICA will be there for you to provide the right answers.