The manufacturing sector is undergoing massive transformation as global the economic factors, emerging competition and technology advance are placing existing manufacturers on a collision course that could impact their businesses well-being.  Strategy l Innovation l Execution and Optimization are paramount for every manufacturer regardless of their current product offering, employee competencies, business productivity or competitive advantage.  Industrial-4.0 automation and innovation are promoted in the European countries to help the manufacturing sector winning the battle for competitive advantage. 

TRIAVICA Knows Manufacturing.

Industrial Products 


Canada has been the birth place of unique Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Avro (Arrow), Bombardier (Snow-Mobile), IMAX (giant screen projection), AES Data (word-processor) and Blackberry (smartphone) to name a few. Canada also has globally known life-science instrumentation companies such as MDS-Sciex and Smiths-Detection (formerly Barringer Instruments). TRIAVICA Partners have worked at many of these businesses as well as other globally known brands such as Xerox and Oracle to develop/manufacture/ commercialize their innovative products.

TRIAVICA Knows Industrial Products.



According to OECD, Engineering is the discipline that relates to the development, acquisition, understanding and application of technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge that facilitates the design, development, invention, innovation and use of materials/structures/systems/processes for specific purposes.


TRIAVICA Partners have extensive experience in developing the technology/innovation development strategy and creating efficient organization for the discovery/development of new products/services, their timely commercialization as well as the support of day-to-day operations for the business to remain competitive.

TRIAVICA Knows Engineering.



TRIAVICA Partners’ exposure to the High Technology industry precedes the evolution of the PC. Working for major High Tech brands over the years, TRIAVICA leadership has been exposed to industry expertise, knowledge of operations, marketing and executive management. Their hands-on involvement has their fingerprint on some of today's technology and innovation.

TRIAVICA Knows Technology.

Information Technology 


Since the dawn of the Industrial Age, technology is the accelerant and today, is the new Moore's law. Technology based businesses must operate at the same speed as their technology delivers.  That means having business advisors with the expertise that can help you find the appropriate IT tools to efficiently enable the business, whether it is for Resources Planning to keep the team focused and productive, or the digital marketing and sales to drive revenue growth.

TRIAVICA Knows Information Technology.



The Telecommunications industries (cable, broadband and communication equipment) and Tier 1, 2 + 2 Telecom vendors are undergoing massive transformation as a result of the Internet. Wireless has become the conduit to move data comprised of entertainment, gaming and information directly to consumers. Each segment of this industry uses an almost unique and exclusive language that must be manufactured, communicated and delivered to your buyer conversations.

TRIAVICA Knows Telecommunications.

Consumer Products & Retail 


Whether you are a small business or a major brand, you are more challenged than ever before to respond to new competition, exchange rate increases, import timing, major chains and new online buyers.  To meet the needs of today's consumers, business owner must reconsider how they approach new customer acquisition, in-store and online customer experiences and have a true understanding of the buyer's journey before during and after they connect with your business.  


The dynamics of today’s more knowledgeable consumers make it necessary for retailers to understand buyer’s buying considerations and to understand how the business must so attract, engage and convert visitors into customers.  They must communicate in their language. 

TRIAVICA Knows Retail.

Public Sector


The Public Sector and Government entities are challenged to keep pace with the private and commercial sectors.  While they most often have access to rich resources, their mandate for transparency, budget constraints and an aging population places their value to the public at risk.  Members of Triavica have 15+ years of Public Sector experience and are actively engaged in Government contract negotiations, helping Public Sector both mitigate risk and at the same time, generate new opportunities for businesses seeking to do business with Government.  

TRIAVICA Knows Public Sector.

Professional Services


Today's Professionals as Accountants, Lawyers, Investment, Insurance, Medical and Information Technology Consultants can no longer operate their business using previous models.  While networking, word of mouth and personal relationships prevail, as a professional you are torn between working in the business and working on the business.  As a lone wolf you are and your success is a constant battle of achieving Strategy l Innovation l Execution

TRIAVICA knows Professional Services.

Real Estate Brokers + Agents 


While consumer purchasing dynamics has dramatically changed in recent years, the real estate industry as a profession has not. The Real Estate model continues to lag behind new economies, new technology and new buying patterns. There is a lack of a new strategy for business growth, lack of innovation in customer approach and hence efforts made by progressive brokers and agents have been an experiment at best.


Execution of new thinking is challenged by the continued reliance on Multiple Listing Services (MLS) feeding new product and tired and true relationships.  The problem is, the world has changed and the social graphics and demographics have new emerging generations. Those generations are less patient and seek out innovation in real estate models.  Real Estate Agent or Broker seeking a proven strategy innovation and execution should not hesitate to contact us.

TRIAVICA Knows Real Estate.