What Are The Greatest Challenges Facing Today's Business Leaders?

In order to compete, win the right customers and achieve sustainable growth, today’s companies must operate like a well-tuned engine… constantly being adjusted to maximize performance of people, processes and operational effectiveness in order to fuel new growth and prosperity.  Like a six cylinder engine (shown in the diagram below), if one of the pistons is not firing correctly, it impacts the five other cylinders to such a degree, that the overall performance is challenged.  So too will your business if one of the six “pistons" of the business is not optimized.


How does innovation play a role in your company?  Do you think it is core to your business growth to embrace tomorrow?  


Wired Magazine’s Kevin Kelly made a bold statement:

"Wealth in the new economy flows directly from innovation, not optimization".

But we still require optimization to ensure profitability.


  • How do you empower the team to think beyond the box?
  • How do you market and sell that new product?
  • Does your company have the necessary resources, skill-set and funding to succeed?
  • What are the risks?
  • How can you be assured you are making the right choices?
  • How do you accomplish that?
  • What do you need to change first?
  • What do you need to change last?


It means taking a very calculated risk. It means engaging the whole team and knowing how to innovate and not vacillate on the next development.  It means giving yourself permission to change!


You may be resigned to accept that you're better off just trying to keep the lights on or... should you be changing all the light bulbs?


Every business must understand the state of their six key imperatives for business success.  The Six Imperative for Success are:

Business Strategy.  Marketing & Sales.  Productivity.  Profit.  People.  Growth. 


Click on the diagram to read more about the IMPERATIVES.

TRIAVICA professionals are skilled managers who can diagnose the business readiness, determine if any cylinders need replacing, new parts or just a maintenance improvement.  The result will be a smooth, well-oiled machine that is ready to take on a new highway or the grind of the city.

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